A high process speed and top quality in filling key positions are not mutually exclusive.

We offer personal support throughout the entire process, avoid unnecessary detours and ensure efficiency in the search for personnel.

We question organizational structures and know the most important requirements within the company. As part of a targeted strategy and consultation we find the right manager or specialist and ensure a sustainable appointment.

Especially when suitable candidates are rare or are being screened off, the process of approaching them is time-consuming. Several hundred contacts - that's what a consultant often comes up with during the entire search process.


Do you have questions?



Together with our customers, we analyze the current situation in the company and determine the expectations and needs of the position. We ensure that all aspects of the position are clearly defined in terms of hierarchy, area of responsibility, requirements both from a professional and a human perspective and in the internal context of the company.


Which parameters in the candidate profile are an absolute must, which are ideally desired? What should the personality profile of the candidate be like?
In the first step, we create a clear requirement profile, which, signed by our customer, serves as the basis for the search process.

Phase 1: Project planning and preparation

  • Capture the customer's initial situation, understand the corporate culture, define job and requirement profiles, ask about critical incidents
  • List of the responsible project team
  • Determination of the project plan and the planned project times


Should potential candidates be addressed directly and specifically on the market? Do you want to search undercover? Are you looking for an employee with industry knowledge who can start productively in the position directly and promptly?
Then ideally a direct search or headhunting is the optimal search approach! As industry insiders, we know the key people and develop a realistic search strategy together with the company..


We are in active contact with potential applicants and know who is interested in a change and who is available. In many cases, we can suggest a candidate directly and achieve a quick and successful conclusion.

Phase 2: Identification of target companies and candidates

  • Define target company list in coordination with the customer
  • Identification of possible candidates
  • Filtering of suitable candidates in the network and definition of other channels on the web (e.g. social media)
  • Utilizing external recruiting channels, conducting further specialized research


We first view and evaluate all applications for the search request and compare them with the customer's specifications.

Interviews with selected candidates give us a comprehensive picture of their personality, professional qualifications, management experience, etc. References are also obtained on a case-by-case basis. As a result, we suggest suitable applicants to the company for in-depth interviews, possibly supplemented by an assessment center or personality test.

We advise – ultimately you decide who should get the position and who best suits your company. We are available as a sparring partner.

Phase 3: Creation of the longlist - interviews

  • Create a long list of suitable candidates and arrange initial telephone contact and telephone interviews
  • Conducting structured telephone interviews
  • Compilation of CVs and job references
  • Invitation to a personal interview, coordination of appointments and implementation of personal interviews
  • Create interview logs

Phase 4: Creation of the shortlist - interview

  • Writing the confidential reports
  • Creation of the shortlist for the customer (maximum 3-5 candidates)
  • Discussion of the confidential reports and the shortlist with the customer

Phase 5: Presentation to the client

  • Appointment coordination of the presentation appointments with the accepted candidates
  • Candidate presentation at the customer, if required moderation of the interviews at the customer
  • Discussion of each candidate after the presentation
  • Checking the references and, if necessary, other documents


After a suitable candidate has been found, we act as a mediator in the contract negotiations. We also support the company and the candidate during the integration phase into the new position.

Of course, we keep in touch with the candidates and our clients in order to find potential for improvement and to develop a long-term business relationship based on professionalism, trust and know-how.

Phase 6: Offer of candidates and contract negotiations

  • Advising the company and the candidates during the follow-up interviews and the transition periods
  • Supporting the company during the phase of Proposal and contract negotiations with selected candidates

Phase 7: Onboarding – finalizing the project

  • Final interview with the selected candidate
  • Rejection talks with the other candidates in the process
  • Supervision of the new employee and the customer in the on boarding period
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